Company Profile

(Self Act)
 Your Professional Business Computing Learning Centre

XELFACT is an education learning centre that specializes in areas of accounting, auditing, taxation and company secretarial practices. 

We are committed in ensuring that our students will become certified professionals in the related field. Thus, we are dedicated to our 

students professionally by facilitating them with the academic and theoretical background as well as internship programmed required 

for such profession that are relevant to the needs of the industry besides meeting the global expectations.



Currently, courses of study being offered at Xelfact are:


i)    Self-improvement

ii)   Malaysian Skills Certificate, and

iii)  National Dual Training System.


XELFACT aspires to be a leader in the Professional Business Computing Industry and leading of certified professional business computing institute.

XELFACT will strive:
        a) To train our members the best practice of the public needs on business computing.
        b) To ensure that our members are able to benefit from the learning program and applying it immediately upon
            completion of the course.
        c) To get the best recognition for our members in the public practice.
        d) To give choices entrance of professional careers to our members as well as the best recognition that feed their best
            ability and skill.
        e) To reduce the burden of learning cost.
        f) To overcome learning time constraint.




                                                                                XELFACT LOGO                        

  Concept            :   The DNA represent yourself and it is Acting !!!

  Symbol Usage  :   DNA and a person gesture.