• NDTS is a training concept whereby the training is Carried out at two sites, at the industry which may take up about 70% to 80% of the training duration, while the remaining 20% to 30% will be at the training institution. This method of approach will be decided concurrently between experts from the industry and the training institutions where they will both decide whether to adopt the day release method or the block release method.
  • In day release, the apprentice will undergo four to five days of training at the industry followed by one to two days at the training institution per week. Whereas in the block release method, the apprentice will spend between four to five months at the industry and another one to two months of training at the training institution.
    • An apprentice is eligible to receive a minimum monthly allowance from the company / employer for the entire duration of the training at the following scale:-
                          Semester             Minimum Monthly Allowance
                            First                          RM 350
                       Second                      RM 400    
                       Third                      RM 450
                        Fourth                      RM 500
        • Upon the successful completion of the two-year course, an apprentice shall be awarded with a NDTS certificate of e-worker (equivalent to SKM Level 3) recognised by JPK and the related industry.



        • An apprentice who successfully completes the two-year course has the opportunity for career developments as follows:
            • Eligible to pursue the DKM programme.
            • Instructor at the industry or training institutes.
            • Self - employment.
            • Opportunities for promotions.

            Source : www.dsd.gov.my